Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Break Up Hangover

Ok. He’s shown you the door and you haven’t come to terms with it yet. A dozen tissue boxes and endless phone calls (to your best friend) later you still find the dark murky hangover clouds looming wherever you go. It was just yesterday when he told you that he no more feels the same way about you. Think about it; was it really yesterday or a month ago?

The sound of the snapping chord haunts us for days to come yet most of us ignore a simple fact that life is made up of several chords and the one that snapped was not strong enough to play the right notes. In other words, post break all of us seem to mull over the tragedy and drag ourselves down the drains of depression simultaneously convincing that a silver lining is just on its way. Let me burst your bubble; no silver lining will fall into your lap. You are the change and you need to take a firm step ahead to get rid of the hangover. How? Read below

  1. The very first commandment of curing a break up hangover is to accept that it’s over and to move ahead. Yeah, I know it takes time, you can’t stop crying and thinking about it, but hey give it time. You’ll tire yourself of the water works business in five days.
  2. Keep yourself busy. Like a bee. And trust me it works. Works like magic, I say. Don’t loiter around shopping malls with nothing on your mind though as it’s possible that boredom might just creep in. Internet games are a big no.
  3. There must be some hobby that you would have discarded at the sight of your new found love interest. Time to fish it out of the bin and start all over again. Singing, sewing, cooking, reading, running, gymming etc……….Just start.
  4. Very importantly please don’t listen to Toni Braxton, Michael Buble, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion and the rest of the choir group who’d open the reservoir gates and flood your eyes. In short NO SAD LOVE SONGS.
  5. Discard all belongings if you feel that they might evoke some feelings in the future. Don’t throw it. Courier it to your ex. Might come in handy for him
  6. Go to new places and meet new people. A whiff of fresh air will make you realise that you opened the window to the let the stale (your ex of course) air out.
  7. Spa’s and beauty parlours help. Also a new hairstyle.
  8. What’s important here is also a fact that you need to analyse why the break up happened. Never be ashamed of accepting your faults too. Will help you build a better relationship next time.
  9. And finally don’t fall in love again in a short span of time. Give yourself time to find and know better the person who you think might be your prospective next. For all you know, two dinners later you would block him from pinging you on your chat list.

Remember life is beautiful journey with lots of bad roads and flat tyres. Just fix it and keep moving.


  1. Spoken like a true pro in this:)
    Anyway time heals and one can look back one day and wonder wtf did you see in him/her!

  2. Thanks Vijay...wanted to get started with my blog again

  3. Soooper :):)